Rustam Effendi: Community and Students Must Understand Filial Middle School Not Private Middle School

Rustam Effendi
Filial Padang Middle School (SMP) has begun registering new student admissions. It is known that there are two Filial Middle Schools in Padang, namely 44 Padang Filial Middle Schools from SMP 14 Padang, Pauh Subdistrict and Padang Filial Middle School 45 from SMPN 26 Padang, Koto Tangah District.

For Filial SMPN 44 Padang, registration has begun at SMP 14 Padang, then Filial SMPN 45 Padang has opened registration at SDN 28 Padang Sarai, Padang.

Padang City Legislative Council member, Dapil Koto Tangah Rustam Efendi said, our hope with this dedicated high school can overcome some of the problems that exist in the Padang City Regional Government.

With this Filial Middle School, we can accommodate our children who cannot be accommodated anymore at SMPN 26 Padang. They, our children, can continue their education at Filial School of SMPN 45 Padang Sarai.

"In the future with the students that we have accommodated three local students in Filial Middle School, it is hoped that there will be a serious commitment from the Government to be able to wake up the local school in Padang Sarai 28 State Elementary School ahead of the Government to build Padang 45 Junior High School," concluded this PAN cadre.

Besides that, said Rustam Efendi, a representative of the people from PAN, the community and students must understand that this Filial Middle School is a non-Private Public Middle School. And hopefully this will become a favorite junior high school someday. He hoped that the Vice Mayor could put up the SMP signpost at the place he visited with the DPRD and community leaders.(Inf)



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